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Although the Roman is known to have eaten something like lasagna and ravioli, PASTA was first mentioned by writers in Sicily in 1154, and No! It was not brought back by Marco Pollo from China.

Best pasta has to be made from pure durum wheat, with no artificial coloring and flavoring. The pasta is then cooked to being tender but firm, what the Italian calls "al dente".

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Types  of  Pasta

  •  There are hundreds types of pasta which can be categorized as:
  • i.   Long Noodle -Spaghetti, Vermicelli
  • ii.  Ribbon - Fettuccine, Linguine
  • iii. Short Cut - Macaroni, Penne Rigati
  • iv.  Decorative Shape - Farfalle, Rotini
  • v.   Stuffed Pasta - Ravioli, Tortelloni
  • vi.  Minute - Couscous, Felini

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Everyone's Dish

Pasta is being  enjoyed by all over the world, and the largest  pasta eaters  are:

USA  - 2.7 million tonnes

Italy - 1.5 million tonnes

Brazil - 1.2 million tonnes

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Choose a Pasta...

Spaghetti - Best known pasta, best with all sauces
Rotini - Helix pasta, serves with pesto and tomato sauces
Linguine - Flat pasta, eat with seafoods
Farfalle - The Bowties, any sauce is delicious
Penne Rigate - Pen shaped, best with pesto
Macaroni - Another classic that pairs best with Carbonara